To successfully import mails, the following components are necessary:

  • A fully functioning REDDOXX Appliance which is correctly configured for archiving purposes
  • An activated MailDepot Importer license for the respective REDDOXX appliance.
    If no license is activated, the MailDepot Importer runs in trial mode and is restricted to import 50 mails.
    After adding the MailDepot Importer License in, the Appliance needs to be restarted.
  • A Windows system with .Net 2.0+ , 2 GB RAM, and sufficient hard disk space.
  • If using the MS Exchange Import interface, the Exchange Server needs to be correctly configured.
    Instructions can be found in the document Connecting Exchange with MailDepot Importer.
  • The REDDOXX appliance needs to be installed with software version 2028 or newer.
  • The container which is to be used for storing the imported mails needs to be created with the MailDepot Importer.