Import Journal Mails

Journalised mails are not covered in the default settings of MailDepot Importer.
Altering the configuration file enables this feature.
Then the created jobs (even PST, EML Imports) will be able to detect and archive journalised mails.

The following steps are required to activate this feature:

  1. Start the MailDepot Importer and configure your Task
  2. Right-Click the task and select "Log File"
    The corresponding configuration folder will open
  3. Close the MailDepot Importer (this is required in order to save changes to the configuration file)
  4. Open the file "" with your preferred editor
  5. Change the parameter from "<AutoDetectExchangeJournalEnvelope>false</AutoDetectExchangeJournalEnvelope>" to
  6. Save the configuration file
  7. Start the MailDepot Importer and run the Task, which now will also import journalised mails.