Office 365

  • Administrative access to an Office 365 instance

  1. Login at with your administrativ account.
  2. Chose „users and groups“ in the left panel view and setup a new user by clicking the + symbol.
    Provide First Name, Last Name and User Name for the new mailbox user.
    Our recommendation: RdxMaildepotImporter.
    Confirm the settings with “next” and DO NOT assign a adminstrator role in the next step.
    Confirm with “next” and assign the Exchange Online license.
  3. At the last step, a temporary password will be shown.
    This can be changed after the first login at
  4. Assign the role ApplicationImpersonation to the created user (RdxMaildepotImporter)
    To do so, select „permissions“ → admin roles in the Exchange admin Center
    Double click the role „ApplicationImpersonation“
    Here you add the created user (example „RdxMaildepotImporter“) in the lowest Field „Members“ as a member of the ApplicationImpersonation role.
  5. Confirm the settings with „save“.