The REDDOXX Archive Reader (Offline Reader) can be used by Administrators or selected Users, to gain Access to the Archive Containers of the company´s E-Mail System.
The Archive Reader can be installed on Windows based operating Systems (since Windows XP).

The REDDOXX Container Utilities (where the Archive Reader is part a of the Tools) can be downloaded here (Registration required): REDDOXX MailDepot Tools

The following steps are required to install the Offline Reader:

  1. Start the Installation with the MSI File
  2. Accept the license Agreement
  3. Use the Default installation options, if only the Archive Reader to be installed
  4. Continue with the Installation, with Default paramaters, the Archive Reader will be installed at C:\Programs\Reddoxx\RdxAcsReader.exe

The following Features are available in the Archive Reader:

  • open / close container
  • Simple or advanced queries
  • Saving Queries, manage or perform saved queries
  • Categorize Messages
  • Show / Save messages
  • Switch Language

  • Containers can be opened and closed via open / close container
  • To open a Container, the file reddoxx.rdxacs needs to be selected
  • A password secured Container can only be opened, when the given password is correct

  • With a simple or advanced query, E-Mails can be searched in the opened container
  • A search can be negatet with "not"
  • Further search criteria can be added with "+"
  • Multiple search criteria are linked together through an „AND“ relationship, meaning all criteria needs to be met exactly
  • Using the "Expert mode" enables you to further adjust the search (for example by using an "OR" relationship by substituting "AND" with "OR")

  • A Query can be saved with "Save query", it is recommended to use a descriptive name
  • With "manage saved queries", already saved queries can be deleted or placed in Folders (that can be created or deleted)
  • Saved queries can be directly used with the selection via "My queries"

  • In the left Panel, categories can be created, additionally, Folders can be created or deleted if a structure is needed
  • After a performed search, the messages that have been found can be marked and added to a category with right clicking the category -> add selected transactions
  • Created categories are saved in the local user account (e.g. C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Reddoxx\ACS\Categories\categories.db)

  • A single selected Message that has been found via a query can be viewed or saved in .eml Format with right click -> show / save Message

  • Via "Language" the GUI language can be switched between german and english