You received an E-Mail encrypted with MailSealer Light, a product from REDDOXX.
The attachment "message.rdxmsl" is the encrypted message.

To decrypt (view) the E-Mail, you Need to download the REDDOXX MailSealer Light Reader once.

Click the Hyperlink, that is shown in the mail, to download the REDDOXX MailSealer Light Reader.

The following steps are required to decrypt the message.rdxmsl file:

  1. Start the program MailSealerLightReader.exe
  2. Click File -> Open and choose the attachment (message.rdxmsl) of your encrypted e-mail.
    This requires the attachment to be saved from your mail Client to your hard disk.
    You may also open the attachment directly within your mail client and select the MailSealerLightReader.exe as program to open the attachment with.
  3. Before you can read the message you need the password, that you have received from the sender.
  4. Confirm with "OK" to open the message

The following Features are available in the REDDOXX MailSealer Light Reader:

  • File -> Open: open another encrypted message
  • File -> Forward Message: forwards the decrypted message to one or more recipients
  • File -> Save in Outlook Folder: save the message in a selected Outlook folder
  • File -> Close: close the message within the program
  • File -> Exit: close the application
  • View -> Message Header: shows the E-Mail header
  • View -> Message source: shows the source code of the E-Mail

To Forward or save Messages in Outlook, you need to be logged in into your Outlook Account
The MailSealer Light Reader needs to run on the same client where your Outlook is installed
The message "no mapi Support" in the lower part of the MailSealer Light Reader Shows, that no Outlook is installed
Forwarding or saving Messages in Outlook is not possible when the message "no mapi Support" is shown